I ate alone

Contributing to the Daily Post-  Unseen

I ate alone today.

Before I sat down to my bowl of oatmeal and coffee, I fed you first.

Before I wrote my first words of the day, I fed you first.

I checked every feeder-the suet, the squirrel proof one out by the fence, the old, red  sunflower feeder by the bay window.
I made sure the pretty little one by the screened-in porch was full.

I stood and waited for you to come. And waited! I had things to do!

So, I ate alone. I wanted so much for your bright little bodies to enliven the greyness of my suburban kitchen view. (What does make you all fly in together and suddenly disappear once again?)

I cleaned my dishes and went about my morning.
The gas company needed to be paid.
The coffee table was a mess and the bathroom needed cleaning.

I heard you arrive late, your cheeping and trilling calling me to come see! some see! as I completed my chores. But I was in the middle of things now!

The checks are on the counter now, ready to go out to the mailbox.
The living room is neater. All those magazines are organized by subject.The bathroom smells of bleach. The paper is filled, the sink is wiped.

Now I can sit down. Now I can write about the beautiful birds-how they come and go.

Now I have time to write…

But, I had fed you first.


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