Sunrise services


The sun now arises victorious over the darkness,
beckoning with promises of fervor and rejuvenation.

I come alive with a desire to revel in this delirious warmth-filled with the promises that only the spring can provide

I burst with words of homage and prayer.

Preparing for sunrise services with my pack and boots,

reaching to the heavens
I seek the divine within the trees
the spring ephemerals
bending my head to the heaven beneath my feet.

Silence is my offering. What more could I bring in my comparative poverty?

My devotions are in the rhythm of my footfalls and the pulse of my exhalations as I seek the promise of truth in the pink buds of the dogwood and azalea.

I must wait-
They are not yet ready to reveal what they know.
They counsel patience-all in due time.

In my eagerness, I kneel to peer into the bluebells.

And feel a kindred yearning and eagerness to grasp the sun,

knowing that time is short
and precious
Fading all too soon.

And there is so much truth.


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